Rhizoma Curculiginis:Uses And Effect

Pinyin:Xiān Máo Alias: single grass root, grass paw, salsify, one-legged currant grass, cricket grass, wind moss grass, cold rice grass, small ground brown root, ground brown root, yellow grass ginseng, one-legged yellow grass, one-legged green grass root, One-legged silk grass, sky palm, mountain palm, soil white peony, flat liver potato, pan palm, mountain orchid, Curcuma […]

Tree Peony Bark:Uses and Chemical Composition

Pinyin: Mǔ Dān Pí Alias:Danpi, powder Danpi, Mushaoyao, striped Danpi, Luoyang flower English name:CORTEX MOUTAN Source: This herb is the dry root bark of the ranunculaceae peony, Paeonia suffruticosa Andr. In autumn, the roots are excavated, the fine roots are removed, the root bark is peeled off, and dried in the sun. Properties This product is cylindrical […]